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Internet marketing, online marketing and emarketing are one and the same. These terms are interchangeably and are used as synonyms for your online business. Before we talk about our Internet marketing business, we look to introduce you to different business models. This will help you in knowing the online business better.

The 3 typical business models are:

  • E commerce business model: Here the products and services are directly sold to consumers and other business.
  • Lead Based websites: Here the organization make gains by acquiring sales leads from its website.
  • Affiliate marketing model : In affiliate marketing you business partner with other websites to sell your products and services. You pay the partner for number of clicks received from his site

These are the basic models, which helps us in knowing and understanding your business and thereby promoting your business better.

Depending on your business, we offer you with different Internet marketing services, which includes Article marketing, Blog marketing, Social media optimization, Digital marketing, In-text advertising, Lead scoring, Online identity management, Media transparency, Online lead generation, Pay per click, Web banner, Report and analysis, web designing services, web hosting, and much more.

For your website all these services are designed and developed by team of Internet marketing professionals, who aim at boosting your business opportunities at Internet. If you have exiting website then these techniques are harmonized to promote web marketing activities and expanding your share on web at same time.

Our team of SEO experts and consultants very effectively bring together the creative and technical aspects of Internet. These consultants will first understand your business goals, and formulate Internet marketing strategy depending on one of the business models. Efficiently we will blend together the creative and technical aspects of Internet to build online presence of your website.

Beside all this we will design, develop, advertise, on web to attract visitors and improve the sales of your site. The SEO team will focus on Internet marketing services by selecting proper type and design of advertising media

At this point effectively different aspects of SEO, website content creation, link building and social media marketing will be blended to increase traffic to your site. For this SEO ethics will be followed and organic search marketing strategy will be formulated for your business. If you are new to the Internet business and want to see instant gains, then PPC is suggested. This will help you in quickly making your space on different search engines.

All our services will aim to promote your business on Internet at international levels. By using web design and development as the base, we will establish your online presence and explore the new strategies, which will help in driving traffic and allow customer transactions as well. Customer transactions here comprise of enquires, subscriptions, sales and downloads.

We are sure that our packaged solutions will provide you with flexibility and more value for money. Our online partnership, advice, and strategic planning will help you in creating goodwill among the search engines. To know how our Internet marketing services can be beneficial to you, call us now.

From our Clients

Tehrisoft and its team have done a great job for us by improving our overall online marketing campaign. I congrats them for this great work.


We are really happy to see our online campaign going great with the efforts put in by Tehrisoft.


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