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Over 28 million people a month connect through Social Media Websites. Are you connected Yet ?

Innovation is the mantra of success and adapting to those changes help us in be in win situation for ever. Social media optimization is a simple way of optimizing the site and easily linking it to the popular searches on different custom search engines like Technocrati. By linking your site with them actually your site is getting updated more frequently and relevant blog posts, podcasts, video are included. WE follow the popular 5 SMO rules guide to conduct Social media optimization for a client's site.

The rules we follow are:

  • Increase Linkability of site:

    Well dynamic sites are easy to update and can be added with content/ images more frequently. But this is not the case with a static website. The content on these sites updated once or twice, hence they donot get high ranking in the search engines. We simply update the site by adding quality links and incorporating new features like blog, creating white papers, etc.

  • Tagging and bookmarking the site:

    You would heard a lot about tagging and bookmarking of the site. Well we add content features buttons such as quick buttons to make the complete process of tagging much more easier. WE make sure to regularly tag the different pages of website on popular bookmarking site.

  • Creating inbound links:

    Increase inbound links to site by connecting your site with the recent blogs. This helps in improving the overall ranking of the site.

  • Content travelling:

    Our team of SMO experts will post all the relevant content on your site on other relevant site. This includes video files, PDF, audio files as well. This will help your website content to travel and getting back the links to your site.

  • Mashup:

    No site can live in isolation. Therefore, we provide you with the mashup services where your website content can be syndicated through RSS. Further we allow others to use your content because then your site can be promoted. This would appear something weird to you. But it is not so, a simple example can help you to understand mash up concept better. You would have heard of the site "YouTube". On "YouTube" there is feature that you can use supportive videos on your website by just copy pasting the code of video. Hence, when one someone visits, You Tube then they can see your link after viewing the video. In short quality traffic would be driven at your site.

Besides these 5 SMO rules lately many other new ones have been added by the experts, we do take them into consideration keeping in mind the interest of our clients.

For quite sometime now many sites have used SMO as an important tool for promoting any website. Slowly it is also becoming an important tool for gaining online presence. Lately SMO has become an integral part of ORM (online reputation management) and SERM (search engine reputation management) strategy. If you want to gain a competitive edge over your rivals using SMO, then contact us now.

From our Clients

Tehrisoft and its team have done a great job for us by improving our overall online marketing campaign. I congrats them for this great work.


We are really happy to see our online campaign going great with the efforts put in by Tehrisoft.


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